Book of Songs is inspired by Western styles but has Eastern beginnings. A blurry bridge of East and West. It contains the female inner dialogue and ponders over the imagery of home and heritage.This is a background story, my pop symphonic tone poem.”


Book of Songs is the album Sophie has always wanted to make; a thrilling and unpredictable fusion of styles. A splendour of pop songs where East meets West, influenced by Chinese poetry and Western classical music.

Produced by the revered J Walker (Machine Translations, Paul Kelly), hear Sophie navigate through her childhood days. From Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand to her Triple J Unearthed days in Darwin. This exquisite new body of work is a revealing look into home and identity, sparked by her recent tour to China.

 “It’s a bit of a homecoming for me.” Sophie says. “Going back to my classical piano training, marrying it with my love of pop, with a sprinkling of my ethnicity for the first time.” "Feels like it's taken 3 albums to finally get to THIS one". 

The album even features Sophie singing two songs in Mandarin. She co-wrote ‘Ta De Mei’ (‘Her Beauty’ 她的美). And ‘Gan Lan Shu’ (‘Olive Tree 橄榄树) is a song Sophie remembers her parents singing at karaoke. “Don’t ask me where I’m from,” Sophie sings. “I’m from far away.”

“When people ask me where I’m from, I can’t answer. I say, ‘What do you mean? Where I was born? My ethnicity? Where I live now? Or where my heart is?’” 

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Quick Facts

  • She won Triple UnEarthed in 2003 whilst living in Darwin, with her song Easily Broken

  • She has made numerous TV appearances, including Rockwiz, Spicks&Specks and Neighbours

  • Won Best Contemporary Song at Independent Music Awards for her song I Understand (co-writers Ben Lee & Brad Wood)

  • Won Best Female Artist at The Age Music Awards

  • Sophie played the lead role at Sydney Festival’s world premiere of Shanghai Mimi in 2019